Thursday, March 13, 2014

Calories versus Healthy

In this world we live in, it is REALLY hard to tell what is really healthy for us. When you're a kid, you're told to eat your fruits and veggies and drink your milk so your body will grow up strong. Now, as adults, we make our own choices. Some people give up certain fruits and veggies because of how the crops are treated. Some of us are trading cow's milk for soy and almond alternatives to avoid hormones or calories.

So what IS healthy? What should we ACTUALLY be eating? There are so many factors nowadays to consider. What one person deems as healthy someone else may condemn, and the research can be so conflicting based on who conducted it and if they were being compensated or not.

I myself am REALLY struggling with this right now as I am trying to eat healthier. My cousin actually started eating only whole and healthful foods a year or two ago, and it is a struggle. It can be hard to figure out what is really good in this world when not all the ingredients are understandable or listed like they should be.

And then something that is "healthy", such as an apple, can also be deemed "unhealthy" because of the sugars. Yet the skin is high in fiber, and fiber is supposed to be healthy!

There is no easy answer for this. I am not a nutritionist. I am not a doctor. I cannot say what is best for everyone, and neither can they. I hear all the time that nuts are healthy and a great source of good fats, but I cannot eat them because they are high in copper, which my body cannot process. If I eat nuts, it could be toxic for me. What is generally healthy for one person may not be healthy for someone else.

And then there is the fact that calories also factor in. A lot of us are trying out low calorie diets because if we take in too many calories it is common knowledge that you could potentially gain weight. Yet some low cal foods, like Diet Coke or Rice Krispie Treats (only 90 cals for one treat! YUM!), are actually unhealthy because of the additives and substitutes they use. So, do we choose low cal and risk poor nutrition, or do we eat our fruits and risk the sugars?

I know I cannot give an answer. There is no way. Even if I did my own research, there will ALWAYS be someone who refutes the findings or has their own data to prove otherwise. The best thing to do is figure out what works for YOU. You are the only person (along with your doctor) who knows what is best for you. Yes, reading and research can help, but even then you are the only one who knows what works for your unique body type. You know what you can and cannot do without. Some people are willing to let themselves have a treat, so they will let themselves eat one small serving of Cheetos a week, even though they are so processed they are practically all chemicals. Some people will refuse to touch anything with an additive they cannot pronounce or find in nature. Even more, some people won't touch meat or animal product altogether.

This is why it is SO IMPORTANT to have a talk with your doctor about your own fitness and health. Keep the channels open. Figure out what you want from life and stick with that. I could never cut out cheesecake completely from my life. EVER. I will let myself have it if I want it, but in moderation. I love my blog, and I love telling you what I have found to work or be true or what I believe, but my blog is my opinion. It is my hobby. Nothing I say is law (unless I quote a law, I guess) and you can read my blog and think I am nuts or hate what I have to say, but that is YOUR choice to make.

YOU are your own person. YOU are your own motivation. YOU are your biggest competition. YOU are who matters. As soon as you see that, you will be so much happier and possibly more committed to your own health/fitness journey.

But hey, I hope you stick around for mine and help ME out because I could use all the help I can get (:
Much love, guys! Keep up the great work!

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