Sunday, February 16, 2014

How I Get Moving

There are so many ways to get moving and burn calories. So what I am doing to get moving? Here are some of the activities I am doing as part of my Model by May plan:

1. Running. I love running. I used to do it everyday: Run 3 miles, walk 2, no matter how long it took me. Now that it is winter and I am running on a treadmill, I am keeping it to about 20 minutes and intervals to keep me busy so I don't get bored.

2. Zumba. I bought it at Bed Bath and Beyond for about $55. Now it looks like it is $60. But I do the Rush DVD or half of Ripped in the mornings when I have the house to myself, so I can do it in the family room and have more room to move.

3. Pilates. I have a Pilates resistance bar, so I do some Pilates moves and other Pilates workouts that I have picked up over the past year and a half and do them from memory.

4. Weights. Small ones, haha.

5. Random Other Workouts. In fact, it is a "column" I am going to start. I have subscriptions to some magazines and YouTube fitness channels, and I am going to be doing the workouts and telling you how I feel (: My opinions are in NO WAY expert. Just the opinions of a girl who does this kind of nonsense everyday.

6. DANCE PARTIES!!!! Just dancing. Around my room. It burns calories, people!

I usually choose 1 cardio exercise a day and some kind of weight, leg, or ab mini-workout everyday. Just so I feel like I moved. I also stretch. EVERY DAY. It is something you should do. Not only is it relaxing, but you'll feel better after you workout. I promise!

My REAL goal is to do 40 minutes of devoted exercise 4 days a week. I usually do NOT do any devoted exercise on Saturday or Sunday as those are weekend days and I never know my plans. I only use them as last resorts if I didn't get to "work out" the rest of the week.

Hold yourself accountable! I do this by blogging to you so you can yell at me if I don't do it, and putting a sticker on my calendar for EVERY DAY that I do 40 minutes of exercise. When I exercise, I should be devoting all my time, energy, and attention to the task at hand. Of course, this does not always happen. I am actually going to be looking at a "lazy girl" workout that you can do during commercials while you're watching your weekly shows (for me it's The Bachelor, Dance Moms, and Face Off FOR SURE, but there are SO many more I follow...)

So what do YOU do as exercise. You should leave a comment. Maybe...or just keep reading all the crazy things I have to say.

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