Friday, February 14, 2014

Model by May! (My fitness and nutrition plan)

So here it is! The beginning of my journey! I am working on looking like a "Model by May." In that title alone you can see my goals. I really want to feel comfortable in a bikini by maintaining my weight and toning by May, when all the pools open and I have to start wearing a bathing suit!

I officially started on February 10th when I came back from New York, but I didn't get to post about it until now, which is a shame, because I did really well this week! I did Zumba in the morning on the 11th and 12th for 25 minutes each. While that isn't a lot, it is an accomplishment for me, considering I haven't really been active since I got sick.

Tomorrow I am going to post my first few meals for you! I am going to have a regular recipe day where my post is just a health, low fat, low cal, low sodium dish for you, so it is healthy in more than one way! Just a note, because of my own dietary restrictions, there are some things I have to cut out of my diet because I am not allowed to eat them. When they can be added, I will be sure to make a note of that in my recipes so you have alternatives if you are allowed to eat the things I can't. (:

I am excited to continue on my journey! Next Friday I am going to start my Weekly Weigh Ins. I am not actually going to weigh myself because that isn't what Anchor Angel is about. A Weigh In is a time for me to reflect on my week, praise myself for my triumphs, and state how I am going to improve in the next week. I am really hoping that will help me stay positive and will make a difference in my accountability.

Good luck, Anchor Angels! I am counting on you! (:

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