Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Motivation: Small Goals

I already told you about my big goal: MODEL BY MAY! HURRY! (Hashtag that, ladies!) But I also believe in weekly goals.

The best way to begin making progress is to divide your larger goal up into smaller goals. It helps. So every week I make a goal for the end of the week and then, if I complete that goal, I give myself one of three budgets to reward myself with: $0, $25, or $50.

Yeah, the $0 reward seems dumb, but I find free, fun rewards for myself when I have no money to spend. Fifty is my largest budget because that is my weekly fun money.

Here are some of my goals I make for myself for the week:
1. Work out/Exercise (whichever word you prefer) for three days this week (meaning three days of devoted exercise for 45 minutes)
2. Exercise for 5 days this week
3. Give up sweets for the week
4. Eat a healthy snack everyday
5. Eat a vegetable with every meal
6. Do an extra round of pilates at least (insert number of days) this week.

Sometimes I mix and match them, as long as it is not too difficult. For example, one week I may try to work out for 5 days in the week and only eat healthy snacks. Only THEN have I achieved my goal.

Not only to I make sure I WRITE my goal down (however you want to: post it on the mirror, inspiration card, write it in your fitness journal, WHATEVER...), I make sure I have a visual representation of the goal being met. I have an extra calendar hanging in my room where I put stickers on the days that I stuck to my goal.

The stickers on the calendar represent the days I exercised and met my goals (: For now, since I am trying to get back into exercising, my goal is 30 minutes, three times a week until March. Then I step it up!

Here are some of the rewards I give myself:
1. Starbucks drink (sometimes with friends)
2. New shirt/pants/skirt/swimsuit/etc.
3. Movie
4. iTunes Giftcard
5. New leggings
6. Splurge weekend
7. Mall trip
8. Relaxation day
9. Manicure (self done or salon done)

Some of those CAN be free if you already have everything you need on hand.

SO What are some short term goals you have? What are some things your may reward yourself with? GIMME IDEAS! Or just steal mine :)

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