Monday, February 24, 2014

NEW Page! Motivation & Inspiration

A few years back I was having a tough few months. I felt like I had been through a lot, and it was not the healthiest thing for me. I had almost stopped eating to the point that I would eat two or three bites per meal because everything on my mind was so sickening I couldn't stand to eat. I lost 10 lbs, but I wasn't happy with HOW I lost it. I wasn't happy PERIOD. I was sad a lot.

When I looked into my desk drawer, I saw the post it notes I had picked up the semester before to help me organize my to do list. I thought, PERFECT and I grabbed the post it note and started looking up inspirational quotes, helpful song lyrics, anything that was positive that I could post on my mirror or wall or calendar that would help me get through.

That was when I started my journal that I had talked about on the My "Resolutions" page. If you haven't checked it out yet, feel free! Click the link!

I started writing down all the little things about my everyday life that meant something to me. Any blessing I could find in the day would get written down. My mood started to change and I began to feel MUCH better.

I STILL write inspirations and motivations to myself. My very first was just the word SKYSCRAPER on a post it note. The summer before, I had discovered how much I loved Demi Lovato's music, and Skyscraper was my favorite song. While I hadn't had the same experiences as her, I felt like her song helped build me up, and writing SKYSCRAPER on a post it really helped me remember that I wasn't destroyed and I could rise even higher than I had before.

So, I challenge you to find the beauty and blessing in every day! Below are some pictures of the Inspiration Cards I make for myself using discarded cardstock/index cards and Sharpies. Make them for yourself! Pin them on a bulletin board! Tape them to your mirror! ALWAYS keep them positive and aimed at bettering yourself or the situation. Soon, you will think this way without needing these, but I still keep them around to remind myself that I am happy, healthy, and alive, and that itself is a blessing (:

These are also GREAT fit motivators! I retweet fitness quotes that I believe are positive minded and helpful to those who may find that they want to get fit but they don't know how to begin. The only way I can do it is if I inspire MYSELF. I am the only one who can get me to do what is best for me. I need to figure out how to do that.

As I go through my own fitness journey and make more of these cards or find more of them premade (as cards, canvases, or on other people's Pinterest boards) I will post them on the Motivation & Inspiration page. If you EVER need that extra boost, take a look at the page. Yes, some may be more  fitness minded, some may be more personal related, and a few are probably going to be religious. Take and share the ones you want, ignore the ones you don't, but NEVER let anyone tell you you aren't worth it or you can't do it. Because you CAN! And I am here with you to make sure you know that (:

Have a quote you LOVE? I would LOVE to hear it! POST a comment below or on the M&I page itself. I would LOVE to hear from you guys on what keeps you going (:

I love you all! Don't forget it! (Now that I feel EMPOWERED, let the dance party begin!)

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