Thursday, February 27, 2014

The Benefits of a Low Sodium Diet

Of course iCloud isn't updating again, so until I can get my pictures off my phone I am going to have to postpone posting my recipes :( SAD FACE...

Back to Low Sodium for the day (:
I know, I know. Low sodium stinks. There are certain foods you just can't have: bacon, soup, bread, salt, cheese, and so much more...

So, why even try this diet?

For one, salt and sodium, in excess, can contribute to heart disease and high cholesterol. I actually had high cholesterol as a kid, so I had to stop eating salt back then, too. I know exactly how annoying it can be, but I never want to go back to worrying about having a heart attack or plaque blocking my arteries. I am an Alpha Phi, and their philanthropy is The Alpha Phi Foundation, that gives money to women's heart health and the treatment and research related to women's heart disease. I care a LOT about women's heart health, especially when you look at the fact that heart disease is the NUMBER ONE killer of women, and takes more women's lives than any cancer, even breast cancer. It is something EVERYONE should care about, so give your heart some love and take on a low sodium diet.

Not only will your heart feel better, but your tummy will feel better, too. As a woman, my biggest pet peeve is bloating. We take on water so easily. One reason for this is our sodium intake. When I was really, really sick, I had gained about 25 lbs in water weight, because my body couldn't get rid of the extra water. When it began to heal, with the right medicine for my liver and some help from a better diet and water pills, I was able to get rid of 40 lbs total of water weight. A diet low in sodium helps beat bloat. You won't be as swollen and you'll feel much better, not only from the inside, but from looking at your outside.

Even though there are a lot of things you miss with a low sodium diet, there is still plenty to eat. If you're a vegetarian, rejoice! Veggies are naturally low in sodium and many contain absolutely none, depending on where they were grown. Even those who eat meat can still enjoy the basics when cooked at home. Steak, chicken, and fish are all low in sodium, and when paired with a veggie, are a very effective meal choice. The best part of a low sodium diet is, for the most part, you don't have to give up sweets if that is something you choose to enjoy. Even though you may use a whole teaspoon of salt in a cookie recipe (which is about 500 mg of sodium by itself), this is divided among dozens and dozens of cookies, making each cookie only about 20-40 mg of sodium each. Not bad when you consider the fact that you're allowed two 250 mg snacks a day on a low sodium diet!

So don't get discouraged. Watching sodium can stink, but it can also be really beneficial! Think positive! (:
Good luck, everyone!


  1. Thankfully, I've never been a huge fan of salty foods. Though cutting sodium filled foods out of my diet even more (like chips and so many other snacks) cuts bloating and also helps clear skin of breakouts, if you deal with acne!

    1. That is also a really good point and another great benefit! (:


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