Friday, February 21, 2014

Workout Review 1: One Song Workouts

So, I follow Fitspirational on Twitter, and I saw this gem of a tweet:

So, naturally, I had to test it out. Now, I am sure I've seen this on Pinterest A DOZEN TIMES (which, by the way, I have one, but it is my personal one. I am not making one just for this blog, so if you REALLY want to see some of the fitness stuff I do, click on my Pinterest link at the top of the page and follow my "I'm Going to Try That" board only.)

I pretty much did the exact workout on the pic and, I have to say, it made me sweat a bit. For Workout One, I chose Classic by MKTO. My cuzzie Erin showed me this song last summer because she liked it and she knew I loved Tony Oller and I have LOVED it ever since. Now it is making it's way to satellite radio. PLEASE DON'T OVERPLAY IT, GUYS! I want to like it forever! Here is the song so you can do the workout, too:

Workout One was a great warm up! Especially for this song. I like that I chose it. The song makes me feel good about myself, it's got a nice beat, and I felt my heart rate get up slowly without killing me on the first run. The only thing I changed was I used a 10 lb kettlebell for the Russian Twists, which some people don't use a weight for, simply because I always feel more productive when I do.

For Workout Two I chose the song Tonight I'm Getting Over You by Carly Rae Jepsen because I love the song. I think it has a very "girl power" beat to it. This is the workout that got me a bit, just because I am AWFUL at pushups and AWFUL at burpees. Here is the video:

Again, the only change I made, again, was adding weight to the Russian Twists. I just feel it works my core so much better when I do.

Workout Three was a little different because I chose a VERY short song, so I listened to Little Black Dress by One Direction TWICE. The song is only about 2:30 and I took a LONG time to do bicycles. To compensate for time, I did 20 standing calf raises. Here is the song. It's a good one:

I really like this song to work out to because it reminds me that I want to look good in every LBD that I try on for the rest of my life. It keeps me motivated to keep working.

For the last workout, Workout Four, I chose the song Show Me The Money by Petey Pablo. It's kinda a throwback. Here it is (WARNING: Normally, this song has a parental advisory, but I found a version that is as edited as possible):

I mean, the lyrics themselves make me wanna move! SHOW OFF THAT BODY! Haha. Besides, it is in the first and ONLY DECENT Step Up movie. Dance Song, obviously! I actually made this one, because I was slowing down by this time, fit in the entire song, even though it is a little longer. Again, for the Russian Twists, used a weight.

Overall, the workouts took me about 13-15 minutes because of the songs I chose and the breaks I chose to take to get a quick, small sip of water. Easily fit into my day.

By the end of the four workouts, I was a little warm and I was breathing a little heavier. Here's why:

OBVIOUSLY, this isn't the most intensive workout, but I made it as intense as I could by keeping the workouts up on screen as I listened to the songs and I tried to move from one to the other as quickly as possible without losing form. I really wanted to work! It also depends on the songs you choose. Pick upbeat songs if you don't like my suggestions, especially ones that make you want to move! If your song is too slow, you aren't going to work as hard.

I actually really approve of these workouts for a few reasons. For one, it was fast. It is also something you can mix and match. You don't always have to do all four, and you can switch up what songs you listen to depending on the mood you're in! I also like that you can make them more intense by adding reps of each exercise or weights to the workout if you find yourself plateauing. Overall, I would do this workout again. Maybe even longer, and with more reps of the exercises I have trouble with so I can get better at them.

What do you think, readers? Anyone have anything to add! I also WOULD LOVE song suggestions if you have any for me!

Again: I AM NOT A DOCTOR. Please consult your physician before beginning any type of fitness/nutrition plan to make sure it is healthy for you. Please take regular workout precautions including stretching, wearing the right type of clothing, and learning proper form before taking on unknown exercise routines. My opinions are not expert, they are just MY OWN OPINIONS. Please take these things into consideration before undertaking this workout plan.

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