Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Workout Review Wednesday: Lower Ab Challenge

Not cool! Yesterday was supposed to be my first Tummy Tuesday post, but because of computer/iCloud issues, I could not post it :( Instead, since I am seeing my sister tomorrow, I am going to post the recipe TOMORROW so I don't have to worry about writing a whole NEW post. I may also do a Mobile Post tomorrow if I feel so inclined. (:


So, again, I found my inspiration for my Workout Review from Twitter. My sister told me I retweeted it, but I couldn't find it! Oh well. Here it is:

I tried it myself, and here is what I found.

It was only kinda "meh" for me. I didn't really feel it like I thought I should. I actually did it twice to see if doing it two different ways made a difference.

The first time, I tried it quickly, trying to do the moves with the best form I could, but successively (except when it instructed me on the tempo). Of course, the only thing that really killed me was the plank because it says go for as long as you can.

As I am sure YOU have discovered with planks, it can be hard to do them simply because you get a little bored and your mind gives up. You KNOW your body can handle it, but you are thinking and thinking and you want to stop. At least I do.

The second time through, I did each move very slowly and deliberately (except for the jumping jacks). I really concentrated on each move, and when the workout told me to go slow or extra slow, I really tested myself. Those tempo changes were a challenge because it took a LOT more muscle control to perform them.

I did like that the workout itself was short, so it is something you can circuit. You could easily work it in during cardio that you already do (like I did today in between my intervals) or you can do it on its own as many times as you wish.

I really didn't like the workout because for me it did not challenge me like I would have liked. I didn't feel it like I normally would. This could simply mean I needed to do more reps of each exercise, so that is something I will certainly look into.

To me, this is a beginner routine, so if you hardly ever do ab work, this may be one for you to try to get you feeling out what you can and cannot do in the workout. Below are some videos of how I personally did some of the exercises that seem to have more than one way of doing them or that some people may not know what they are.

The best part about this workout was my sister. She texted me after she did it. Here is her text:

Gotta love sisters. (: I really want to thank her for being so supportive of me through EVERYTHING. When I was really sick, just like a good sister, she was always there for me, even though she was away at college. She's supported me with my diet and she's supported me with my fitness journey and I couldn't be more proud of her for starting her own! She is starting her OWN blog during Lent. I will make sure to mention her when it is up and running (: Follow her now.

Thank you, also, to everyone who has liked, promoted, retweeted, and commented on everything of mine. I really appreciate the support and your kind words and I hope I am helping someone feel a little more motivated everyday because you guys are certainly helping ME!

Special thanks to Ashliegh at The Darling Prepster for being supportive of me. I KNOW I will need your help in the future, and I really appreciate you being there for me and supporting my blog's beginnings. AOE, lovely (:

Tune in NEXT Wednesday when I have another workout to review. If you see one that you think I would love (or hate in a good know I like the burn!) tweet me, email me, or comment below. You can also tag me on Pinterest. Links are at the top of the page.


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