Sunday, March 2, 2014

Guest Post: Keep Moving Every Day

Hi everyone! My name is Alex and I will be the guest blogger on Anchor Angel. My posts will be a little different than Stephanie’s, but hopefully just as helpful!

I was really excited when Stephanie asked me to help her with her blog, because I really think that this will help me stay motivated and be held accountable for keeping myself healthy.

My health journey is going to be a very different than Stephanie’s. I am so proud of her for all of the changes she has made in her life to be healthier, but I have to do things differently. I am currently recovering from a back injury and cannot do everything that she does. So my posts will probably be much simpler.

One idea I recommend is to start keeping track of the number of steps you take in a day. I started doing this last summer, and it really made me aware of how much I move in a day. It made me aware that I was sitting too much and that I needed to get up and move around more. I recently got out of this habit when I lost my pedometer, but I found it again! So my goal this week is to reach 10,000 steps at least 5 days (that is the recommended amount of steps everyone should walk every day). I know I may not make it every day and I may have to work up to it. But at least I can be more aware of keeping active throughout the day.

Hopefully I’ll have more exciting posts for you guys in the future. Have fun being healthy!

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