Monday, March 3, 2014

Model by May: 5K training

You who read often KNOW that I am really trying to get back into being active, and that is why I am blogging and researching. I used to run EVERYDAY last summer and early autumn, and I really want to get back to that by spring!

My fit buddy Amber invited me to train with her for the 5K Run for God her church does every year. I will make sure I link it in the future as I progress in the training so you can see all that I am doing and what it is all about!

I am SO blessed to have a friend like her. She knew I really wanted to run again, so she invited me to run it with her. This is one of the shirts I really want. It is something you don't really think about unless you think about the people who can't run or until the ability is taken from you, even for just a little bit. Order yours here.

We had our first "training" session yesterday morning.

FIRST OF ALL, I LOVE that it was in the morning because it forced me to get to bed early and get up early, which you know is one of my 12 "resolutions" for 2014.

Not only that, but running with someone else really held me accountable. It MADE me get up and run. Even though I have been doing really well with getting up and doing my intervals each morning, it feels better to have someone there pushing me to be even better.

I am SO excited for upcoming training sessions! Running is something I LOVE to do, and I cannot wait to do it more! We are not only training for a 5K, but there is also a 10K later in the year. I KNOW I can do the 5K (which is about 3 miles). I used to run 3 miles every day in summer with no issues. The challenge is going to be the 10K, which excites me. I like being challenged!

Stay with me, folks! I really hope to continue to progress so I feel that the 10K is a challenge, but not one I cannot overcome.

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