Thursday, March 20, 2014

My Rules

I am in SUCH a great mood this week! I am really noticing my body changing for the better, which was what Model by May was all about for me. I really just wanted to see myself change and feel myself change, and that is EXACTLY what has been happening.

For me, the biggest difference has been my diet. Two years ago, I trying biking as my workout, and while I went far, I never felt like I was really getting a workout. On a stationary bike I did, but not out in the sunshine where I wanted to be working out.

Then last year, I chose running as my cardio of choice. I used to look at people who "ran" and think, "Why are you even doing that? Isn't that a little overboard? You just need to be active, not overexert yourself!" Sometimes I even think the same thing about myself now that I run. And I completely get it. Listening to someone talk about running or a race in general can be annoying. It can sometimes seem like bragging, even if that isn't what we mean to do.

We are all just in this to get healthy, and that is why, last year, when I really considered running seriously, and not just for thirty seconds while out on a walk, I decided I needed to change my diet. I've told you before: I gave up chips, fast food, most desserts, and alcohol. I gave up anything that I thought would hinder my performance as a runner.

It has been hard to really keep that promise to myself this year in some ways. Because I was put on dietary restrictions, there are some things I am not allowed to eat, so I replaced those with unhealthy things that I could eat, like low sodium potato chips. While I still have not eaten chips or fries like I used to, I miss the days of last summer when I was so dedicated to running I wouldn't even THINK about putting a potato chip near my mouth. I don't even really like chips that much.

Last year, I made myself a set of hasty rules, such as: Don't eat french fries and Chocolate is only allowed once a week, but that was me trying to be drastic. I did make myself a NEW set of rules this year, and while they are not ALL  perfect nutritionally, they work for me.

Here they are in their entirety:

NOW, don't judge them too harshly! In the coming weeks I am going to go over each rule a little more in depth so you can understand why I made it a "rule" for myself and why it works for me. I would love to hear your own "rules" and what you think about these, as long as, of course, you don't judge me too harshly. I understand I am not a nutritionist and I don't know everything there is to know about diet and nutrition, but these are things I have thought about for myself and they seem to be working (:

Also, just another note:

I am not going to get upset if I "break" a rule. There is no reason to. This is supposed to help my health, including my mental health, not ruin it. (: (Meme from; Image from Disney).

Leave me a comment (: I would love to hear from you!

OH! And I know TODAY was Wednesday, but you can expect  the workout review tomorrow instead.

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