Sunday, March 9, 2014

Non fit Post: Ash Wednesday and Lent

Every year I have mixed feelings about Lent. I am going to be honest, I do not find it fun at all, but I understand it is a time of sacrifice. Again, this year, I have my mixed feelings about it, solely because it may or may not be more difficult for me this year.

Usually, I give up some kind of snack food for Lent. Last year was Chipotle, and I actually think it really helped me. I stopped craving it and ever since I have not been as obsessive about it as I once was. This year, though, since my diagnosis, there are already a lot of things that are off limits for me to eat.

Even so, I chose to give up dessert because it was something my nutritionist said I could actually eat and to eat what I could of it, because it was usually low in sodium and, as long as it didn't contain nuts or chocolate, it might be good for me to have some sweets to lift my mood.

I am giving it up, though, because it has become an obsession for me. I get dessert at almost every restaurant when I used to skip it. It will be hard, but I know I can do it!

I also know this year is going to be a challenge for me because of not eating meat on Fridays. Last year, I actually really liked Lent because it gave me an excuse to cook shrimp, a food I really enjoy. I also really took to liking other kinds of fish last year, such as salmon and tilapia, so I was really excited to try to eat fish more. This year, I found out shellfish is no longer something I can eat, so again it makes it hard.

I do look at last Lent as a blessing, though. Because I wanted to begin eating healthier and a larger variety of foods last year, I decided to try other fish that I otherwise would not have. At least I can eat fish (except salmon) this year because I discovered I actually really liked it.

Either way, I am really hoping for a good Lent that will bring me back to my faith (:

Do you celebrate Lent? Whether you do or not, are you giving something up? PLEASE SHARE! I love to hear new ideas!

(Last year, along with giving up Chipotle, I also said I would write down my blessings each day, hence my positivity journal that I mention on my resolutions page.I hope to start journaling like that again this Lent.)


  1. Oooh. That would sooo hard to give up! I love my desserts. :) Good luck!

    1. I do, too! Thanks! Haha. It was really hard to skip the Tiramisu at Macaroni Grill...


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