Thursday, March 13, 2014

Non Fit Post: My Obsessions Part 1

I realized lately that there are a lot of things that I could honestly say I am obsessed with, mainly because I keep buying them or wearing them or talking about them. I am going to add this complete list to the about me page in the top navigation, but I wanted to explain each of my obsessions so you get to know me a little better.

I plan on having some posts that aren't 100% fitness related, just so you don't feel like I am preaching at you or anything. I know how it can feel when someone keeps shoving fitness and health tip at you (even if that is the point of my blog). I hope you connect with me better getting to know about me on a more than just fitness level.

SO HERE THEY ARE. Some of my obsessions! As you can see, I plan on having more than one of these obsessions posts, as I know myself and I know I will discover something else that will become an obsession of mine.

Any of the "obsessions" listed below are based on MY OWN opinions 100%. I was not compensated for anything I have said. I am not trying to tell you what or what not to buy, just what I have discovered.

I was shopping at Sears last week, and I never shop there. That is kind of a lie because every once in a while I do, and I tend to actually find something pretty decent! This time, I was looking through the clearance rack and I found cheap workout gear.

 Now I know you have figured out by now from just visiting my blog that I love to run and exercise and try to stay fit. When I find cheap workout clothes, I get obsessive. These clothes fit SO WELL. In fact, I ran in those capris today! And I love how cute that workout top is! I was impressed by how comfy these clothes were and how affordable. New obsession.

I have had two lipsticks since my freshman year of college. I chose them because they were hot pink and youthful and I really wanted to see what lipstick was like. I chose Wet and Wild lipsticks because they were cheap, but I recently wanted to try lipsticks again in different shades.

 I started with Revlon's new tinted "balms" because they were supposed to be moisturizing. I got one in the shimmer shades and one in the matte shades. I really like the colors I chose (Coquette and Showy), but they did not moisturize like I expected them to. I also tried NYX Butter Lipstick and NYX Matte Lipstick. The butter lipstick (in Gumdrop) wasn't too bad, moisture-wise, but I could still feel the tightness that comes with lipstick. I have  the matte lipstick (in Hippie Chic) and it isn't drying, but it is more of a frosty pink than an opaque coral like I wanted it to be.

Next I tried Revlon Ultimate Suede in Private Viewing, which is a sparkly nude. I wanted it, again, to be a little more opaque, but at least it was rather moisturizing. Even though I do like all of these lipsticks, the one I was most impressed with and want MORE MORE More of is Maybelline's Color Sensational. I had never tried a red before and I got really lucky with the fact that I chose a great shade for me (in Are You Red-dy). They are SO RIGHT on the commercial. It really moisturizes like a balm, but looks like a lipstick. PLUS it stayed on and pretty much didn't budge, even though I was licking my lips and drinking water. I WANT MORE OF THESE LIPSTICKS. It seems that Maybelline is just my costmetic company of choice because they make my favorite mascaras as well.

Um, you all knew this. I don't have to elaborate. But some of my favorite things from them? Their sports bras, VSX Sport Exercise Pants in ALL CUTS AND STYLES, and their bathing suits. Seriously. Their sports stuff is a cut above. It's expensive, but their running leggings are SUPER COMFY and they don't ride up like PINK Yoga Pants tend to. Seriously. Invest in it.

I first fell in love with Asics when I bought their cheerleading shoes (which I found at TJMaxx, by the way. I haven't had a pair in YEARS so when I found them I jumped on them). I also chose them to be my running shoe of choice, not just because they are bright and AWESOME! (Seriously! LOOK AT THEM), but because they are also supportive and comfy. As much as Nike shoes look nice, I really like my Asics.

My last entry for this round of obsessions are all of my Icing Accessories. They are cheap, but they add up fast. I like the variety they provide! SO CUTE! These are some of my favorites. 

What are YOU obsessed with? What should I look into? I love when other people spark my obsessions. (: Leave me a comment below!

Of course some of those accessories are anchors! (:

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