Sunday, March 30, 2014

Non Fit Post: My Obsessions Part 2

A little while back I had posted some of the things I am OBSESSED with. You can view them here. Here is  a continuation of this OBVIOUSLY long list!

I was looking around my room as I was cleaning it (even though my dad insists it is ALWAYS messy, but what can I do?), and I realized there is a LOT more that I absolutely LOVE and wanted to share with you!

I LOVE Live Love Dream by Aeropostale. I actually didn't really like the store when I was younger, but then my sister got a gift card there from her friend and I started really loving it. I am not a huge fan of the "wear their name/logo on your shirt" thing, but Aero makes REALLY comfy sweatshirts and sweatpants. If you follow me on Instagram, then you know I LOVE LOVE LOVE matchy outfits because I post them ALL the time. That is one reason I love Aero! They have matching sweatpants/sweatshirts/shirts that all coordinate and look FANTASTIC.

So, of course, since I got back into running, I started running even more than I did last year. Last year I only ran about 4 days a week, sometimes 5. I would rest all weekend. Now, since I really do want to run a half marathon by this time next year, I want to make sure I am building up my stamina and ability. I realized I NEEDED more workout clothes. I saw Aeropostale had their new workout line from Live Love Dream and I found about 10 pairs of leggings on sale from them, so I HAD TO HAVE THEM. They were so cute and they had matching shirts, sports bras, and windbreakers. I only really have the leggings and two windbreakers BUT I LOVE THESE LEGGINGS. They are super affordable (they are usually about 15 dollars when they AREN'T on clearance, so imagine the clearance prices!) and they are super comfy! They come in cute colors and they don't ride up when I do Pilates or when I am running, which is a HUGE PEEVE of mine. I am completely obsessed with these leggings and I really want to try the shorts which are made of similar materials.

I used to be a big proponent of leggings are NOT pants but I do have to say that leggings have gotten a LOT more reasonable in the past few years. The biggest reason I am a big fan of the not pants movement is because you ladies who wear leggings do not seem to realize that LEGGINGS ARE SEE THROUGH! I can see your thong through those "pants" that you wear, people! STOP IT.

I have always had a larger bottom, so I never wore leggings as pants. Then I purchased a pair that I tested in the store and they were rather opaque. Even when I would touch my toes you could not see my underwear through them. I still watch what underwear I wear with leggings and I ALWAYS trying to have a shirt that covers my butt when I wear them BUT I HAVE DECIDED I LOVE LEGGINGS AS "PANTS" as long as women wear them correctly. Test them, people! If you bend over and can see your parts or undergarments, I don't care how cute they are, they won't be cute when everyone can see what you wear under them. Just be cautious and aware and buy pairs that cover you.

It should be NO shock to anyone who LOOKS at this blog that I love anchors. My mom showed me a shirt with an anchor on it about 5 or 6 years ago. It had blue and white stripes and I FELL IN LOVE with anchors. This is my dilemma because (you know how it is with anything you love) I love that it is a "trend" because then I can buy more anchor merch...BUT SO CAN EVERYONE ELSE, and all of a sudden that thing you loved that felt special to you becomes everyone's thing. I get very hipster about anchors, and I hate that I do. I don't like to have that "I loved them first/I love them more" attitude, but I have it. Sorry only kinda sorry.

I am proud to say I now have anchor pants, cardigans, jewelry, shoes, bags, belts, and even a tattoo which I have had since last year. To me, an anchor represents not letting something bring me down, and I love that idea.

I have NO idea when this obsession started. I remember having a Hello Kitty backpack in 7th grade and being somewhat made fun of because apparently you can't like cartoons in 7th grade, but of course, two years later in high school, every girl liked Hello Kitty. Whatever you rude bullies.

ANYWAY, I used to have COUNTLESS HK shirts and sweatshirts, but I am over that part of the obsession. I still have SOME HK stuff and I still buy the occasional piece of HK merchandise, but even though I don't buy it, I still freak about about how cute it is when I see  Hello Kitty anything.

Everyone should be obsessed with the show. If you love reading you should love the books, too. I love the idea of princes and princesses. I always have. This series is like fantasy on adult steroids. Battles and dragons and deception...I LOVE IT. I especially love Jon Snow played by the wonderful Kit Harington who was just in Pompeii. Average movie, above average male lead. WAY above average, at least to look at.

Anyway, Game of Thrones is funny and exciting and annoying all in one. Plus, they aren't afraid to kill off  a main character or two (so I really shouldn't get attached to characters, but I do). If you have HBO, watch it. If you don't, rent the seasons. Give it a try. It is long (each episode is a full hour), but the seasons are short. Season 4 is about to start AND I CANNOT WAIT! Winter is coming...

What are YOU obsessed with? Comment below and let me know! I would love for you to get me hooked on something else (:


  1. I am totally obsessed with Game of Thrones!!! I'm so excited that it's finally coming back. :D

    1. THANK GOODNESS someone understands! I feel like most people think it is silly but they know nothing about it. :) In fact, since I got done with everything I need to today, I am going to read some more GoT tonight! I think I get too excited to read it and watch it, heehee

  2. To go along with your legging post some girls need to wear the right size legging for their body and some girls should not wear leggings at all, a great example is on the people of wlamart site. There is a girl that has flesh colored leggings on that show her cellulite it so wrong on so many levels. :)

    1. The biggest issue is sometimes we want to wear the trends instead of what looks good on us. We all just need to dress our bodies for our body types without worrying what other people think and what is popular.


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