Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Guest Post: Trying Something New

Recently, I’ve been trying to find new ways for me to exercise. Because of a back injury, I am somewhat limited in the variety of my exercise routines. I was encouraged to try yoga as a way to start exercising by a family friend, and I am so glad that I started! I always thought that yoga sounded more relaxing than a good way to exercise, but I completely disagree now. While yoga is extremely relaxing, I can definitely feel myself getting stronger and more flexible. I never thought that I would enjoy doing yoga, but it really is a great exercise.

I go to a yoga studio near me and participate in yoga classes. But there are plenty of videos out there to help you get started with yoga! I’ve searched online and found some great beginner’s yoga videos. You should try it too! The stretches feel great and it really does make you feel stronger. Being relaxed and at peace is certainly a big plus too!

So try something new! It doesn’t have to be yoga, but try new things to keep it interesting. Doing the same exercises all the time gets boring. You never know what new exercise you might find and love!

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