Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Workout Review Wednesday: FitSugar VS Workout

So on my Pinterest I have a page called "I'm Going to Try That" which is a list of DIY projects that I want to try as well as workouts I want to try. You can follow me and see what workouts I plan on trying there!

For my first Review from my Pinterest board, I decided to look at a cardio routine because my legs are still a little sore from my 5K/10K training with my fit buddy Amber. I wanted to still do cardio, but give my legs a rest so I didn't over do it and hurt them. Remember: sore is good because it means it's working; pain is BAD because it means you're hurt! And yes, that isn't an exact science, but you KNOW when your body is in distress. If it hurts, take a rest day!

I chose, then, the FitSugar (by POPSugar) "fat-blasting" Victoria's Secret Circuit workout. What was appealing about it is that it's only 10 minutes, which ANYONE can easily fit into their day, and when "fat-blasting" is listed as one of the benefits, it sounds like a good idea to me! You also know that I LOVE Victoria's Secret and The Angels, so the title had some personal appeal for me.

Now, we all know that fat won't be blasted in one workout in one day, but I wanted to give the workout a try and see if it feels as good as other kinds of cardio. As you may know, I LOVED the 4 one song workouts I tried (click the link to see the review and try them for yourself!), so I was using that feeling to gauge how much I would enjoy this workout. In fact. I did it while I was watching a movie to see if it was really easily to work into a daily routine without too much to do about it.

Here is the video if you wish to try it for yourself:

I watched the video and THEN did it, so I would be able to multitask and do this workout while doing other things, such as watching TV or a movie or in between other tasks.

This workout is made up of 5 one minute moves and 5 rep moves. You do five of these moves, as many as you can for 1 minute each, and the other moves you do 25 reps each, some on alternating legs.

I like the fact that this is only ten minutes. The minute moves can even be done back to back for a 5 minute cardio workout if you'd rather, and save the 5 rep moves for later or another time.

I did find myself breathing a little heavier after each 1 minute move, but I really didn't feel like I go any cardio in. Of course, you know me, so I am going to try this workout again until I get it to work effectively for where I am in my fitness journey. I am either going to do these minute moves back to back for two or three circuits, or I may do this ten minute workout as is, but add in 10 burpees after every move.

YOU ALL KNOW I HATE BURPEES, but I think that burpees may help me feel like I got a workout. PLUS if I do 10 after EACH MOVE, that is about 100 BURPEES by the end of the workout, which you KNOW is a workout in itself!

Of course, the rep moves are a nice change of pace for anyone who feels the cardio is a little hard or if they feel it takes a little out of them. Still, I felt the rep moves that were chosen were not effective enough for me, personally. I LOVE plie squats, but I ALWAYS do them with a 10 lb kettlebell when I do them, because that feels more effective to me.

Again, I think I would need to alter even the rep moves to make them feel worthwhile. I think I would do at least 35 of each, personally. Maybe even 50. And of COURSE add those burpees in afterwards!

Overall, I think this is a nice idea for a workout, and I don't doubt that it works for some, but I won't be trading it in for my 5 or 10K training any time soon!

Did you do the workout? What did YOU think? Comment below and let me know! (:

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