Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Workout Review Wednesday: #OscarsWorkoutGame

I am sure, like many Americans, I sat and watched and cheered during The Academy Awards this past Sunday. I am sure like EVERY Disney fan EVERYWHERE I went NUTS when Disney's Frozen and Kristen Anderson-Lopez and Robert Lopez won for "Let It Go", one of the BEST songs in a Disney movie, ever PERIOD (thanks in part to Idina Menzel's gorgeous voice and serious vocal chops!).

SO, I tweeted right before the show started, because I could already feel the snack binge coming on, that I really wanted someone to find me an Oscars workout. Well, ask AND YOU SHALL RECEIVE because only a few seconds after I tweeted the workout image was tweeted.

Naturally I had to do the WHOLE THING from beginning to end. I live tweeted the Oscars and the workout. It was a blast! Here is the workout for anyone who may not have seen it or participated:

Now, I really liked the workout in general. It not only squelched my snack cravings (thank goodness), but it kept me active and off my butt for those 4 hours (YES FOUR! It went over by an hour!).

I really liked the moves that were chosen for the workout, especially the plank! I think they KNEW Gravity was going to kick some serious butt because planks are a GREAT exercise to do for nice, flat abs. I think we did 6 or more last night!

I also REALLY liked the idea of jogging in place during the musical numbers. There were two numbers I didn't count on ("Over the Rainbow" performed by P!nk and "Wing Beneath my Wings" performed by Bette Midler), so there were two more times I had to jog in place that I didn't plan for ahead of time. I DID run during one of the commercials instead, though, because I wanted to WATCH Idina CRUSH "Let it Go" on stage! It was also really funny because Ellen actually mentioned every time she changed, even one time pointing out, "I put on a scarf" causing all the celebs to laugh...I don't think  they realized this meant we had to do a wall sit. I think Eleen KNEW this workout was going on...

The only move I didn't like was the reverse curtsy lunges for thanking someone in their own category, so I chose to do regular curtsy lunges instead because I felt they did more for me.

ANYWAY, overall, I LOVED this workout! My mama did it with me the WHOLE time, so I give her a lot of credit. I really wish we could do it again because it was a good one, but the Oscars are always different each year, so there is no repeating this one! Maybe, if you really want to do this workout again, you can find somewhere where someone listed all the reps that were done over the course of the night so you can recreate the workout.

This actually inspired my mom to say that she really wanted to do more workouts like this while we watch certain TV shows together, so I am SUPER proud of her (:

Did YOU do the workout? Let me know how you did! (:

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