Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Avoiding Temptation When it Comes to Food

This past week I have REALLY had to work on resisting temptation when it comes to food. Now, again, I am not saying to deprive yourself of ANYTHING. That is NEVER recommended. I am sure, though, you have heard, like me, that giving up sugar, white carbs, and sometimes even dairy, are the key to really having the body you want.

While I don't like to cut out an entire group of foods, I understand the science behind some of these choices (or at least what they CLAIM the science is), and I agree that, if these claims are true, maybe I should have given up all three of these a long time ago.

I am fine with giving up white carbs, mostly. I LOVE Olive Garden breadsticks. Those are my weakness. I know that I will have trouble EVER giving those up. I never want to give up dairy because I firmly believe that our bodies need the Calcium and Vitamin D we get from this food group, but we need to watch WHAT kind of dairy we eat.

I really don't have THAT big a problem with giving up sweets, as I already cannot have chocolate, but I don't think sugar should be treated as the most evil of all substances. Eating it once a week shouldn't hurt your progress as long as, like usual, you don't go overboard.

Still, all three of these things are constant temptations for me. Those breadsticks ALWAYS smell soooooo good. Cheesecake calls to me. And I love smothering food in shredded cheese. This past week with me being away from home and experiencing a holiday, I had to really work the willpower to cut out those foods that could do me in....and I stunk at it.

SO, here is what I have to say about resisting temptation on vacations, at sleepovers, during holidays and the like.

Now, just a disclaimer before you read on: AGAIN, I am not a nutritionist, and I am not telling you what you should or should not eat. If you've talked to your doctor and you feel that you need to cut back on some of these same foods as I do, here are my tips for avoiding these temptations as they come.

1. If you can help it, don't surround yourself with it. Don't bring snacks on vacation if you don't want to eat them. Ask anyone you're staying with to make sure their snacks are out of sight and explain why. Tell your friends not to offer food to you unless you can eat it. Anyone who supports your fitness/health journey will want to help you, not make it harder for you.

2. If you can't avoid the snacks, remind yourself WHY you don't want to eat them. Tell yourself you are doing this for you. Remind yourself that you want to only put good things in your body.

3. Only surround yourself with healthy snacks. If you're the one buying the snacks, only buy fruits and veggies and food that you know is acceptable for your own personal goals. Snacking shouldn't be avoided altogether as proper snacking can help jumpstart your metabolism, but snacking on potato chips and cookies won't do you any good.

4. If you know deprivation is the key to oversnacking, don't deprive yourself, just help yourself to SMALL PORTIONS ONLY. Just enough to squelch your craving. NEVER eat out of a box or bag and always put it ALL THE WAY AWAY when you're done getting your portion so you aren't tempted to oversnack.

5. Bring your own snacks/food. If you know you're going to an environment like a slumber party where you're going to snack, bring your own healthy snacks with you. Introduce your friends to these snacks so they, too, want to eat healthy. If you're going to a holiday where you know you're going to have unhealthy food, make and bring your own. Having my own dietary restrictions, I have learned that not EVERYONE will want to make adjustments for you and not everyone will want to eat your special foods. You just may have to bring your own and eat something different from everyone else. It isn't necessarily fun, but if you're committed to your own health, you know this could be a big component.

6. Keep busy. I always want to snack when I am bored. Don't hang around the food and don't let yourself get bored. Distract yourself with other things.

These are the things I figured out this week, and I hope to really commit to them in the future. Some of them I have said before, others I have just recently thought about and wished I did. Either way, know that while you really should get support from your friends and family, they may not want to change themselves. Only YOU can make sure you're sticking to your goals. All you can do is ASK for the support and hope they give it.

Keep it up, ladies! I know I am feeling the time crunch because I gave myself until May 17 to reach my Model by May goals! Good luck this last month, angels! I wish you all the best of health and fitness in this home stretch!

Monday, April 21, 2014

Back from New York/Easter Damage Control

If you read my mobile post, you know I am not happy about the fact that I may have over-eaten a little with my boyfriend...

Now, I never want food to control me. It isn't allllll about what we eat, but eating unhealthy foods CAN be a detriment to what we work SO HARD for when it comes to fitness.

Now, for me, this was extra bad because not ONLY was I on a mini-vacation, but this all happened right before Easter, a holiday that isn't usually associated with eating, but my family over-eats at nonetheless. I am on dietary restrictions, so I had to bring my own food, but I still allowed myself to cheat a bit. I had some potato salad. My main issue was the BREAD I ate.

So not only was I feeling the weight of my binge at my boyfriend's house, but now I feel like I don't know how to control myself at holidays all of a sudden.

ANYWAY, this put a SEVERE damper on my Model by May plan, mostly because I feel like I have backtracked the most with healthy eating. I love to run, and I don't mind going out and running everyday (with a rest day every seven days, of course!). I love Pilates, so I don't mind doing that everyday. My issue is eating healthy. I constantly crave foods I don't EVEN LIKE, such as potato chips and french fries. I DON'T EVEN THINK THEY TASTE THAT GOOD! I just like how easy chips are to snack on.

So, I decided to do some serious damage control. While I am NEVER for depriving yourself, I am going to work EACH WEEK on giving up something I like. So this week, I am not allowed any more potato chips. Next week, I am going to give up ice cream, and so on. I am not going to KEEP depriving myself. I just want to go a week as an experiment to see how I feel at the end of a week without something. I am hoping by the end of each week I will figure out that, if I keep busy and keep my mind on my goal, giving up unhealthy foods and replacing them with healthy snack alternatives again will fix my cravings (that I have not even had in YEARS GUYS! I don't think you understand!)

So, how do YOU make sure you eat healthy? I really like the idea of not even BUYING the foods in the first place, but the big issue is I live at home and my dad LOVES those foods....What else can I do?

Thanks, angels, for whatever help you have (: You guys are the best!

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Mobile Post: my boyfriend makes me eat unhealthy food...

Okay, no he doesn't, but it seems whenever I am with him I have a harder time controlling my portions and intake...why do you think that is?

I am trying REALLY hard the rest of this week to behave on food and exercise. Sometimes, though, you realize there are going to be bad days. Even so, I learned my lesson. This is MY fitness journey! No one can get in the way but me. I have to develop the willpower to overcome cravings and eat healthy and controlled, even when on "vacation." How do you do this? And what advice do YOU have for not jumping off the healthy wagon just because you're on vacation? Share please! 

I promise, when I get back from my visit I will have real posts :)

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Tummy Treadmill Tuesday

Normally, today I would  try to give you a recipe because I love to cook and I love sharing my love of cooking with you. Instead, I am going to talk to you about my treadmill.

Lately I have been very busy with training. As you may know from my resolutions page (click the link at the top to see what I am trying to accomplish this year!), I am trying to live a more well-rounded life. This is getting tough. I keep skipping one of the things I want to try and do each day, whether it be reading or writing or, even sometimes, blogging! I am sure you noticed I have not been keeping up with my posts.

That is mainly because I am finding that I am getting discouraged with fitness lately. The main problem is I don't have far to go. I am not one of those people that needed to lose weight, just get in shape, and that progress can be a lot harder to see than weight loss. I am not knocking those of you that want to lose weight or are doing it. I am commending you! The only thing I wish was that I was seeing your results instead of the very small progress I seem to be making.

Part of what is getting me down is the weather. Even when it is nice out, it is RAINING. I don't want to run in the rain! I get up and run anyway, but it is on my treadmill.

Last year, at this time, I could run for 45 minutes on my treadmill without batting an eyelash! It was nothing! This year, it is a burden to run 10 minutes because I get so bored. Even with my intervals and my movie watching (follow me on Instagram to see what I watch while I run intervals!), I get SO BORED. And today after running only 3 minutes I felt burned out.

That was when I realized my treadmill was on a HUGE incline. Now my treadmill is pretty low tech. The way to switch inclines is manual, and you have to get OFF the treadmill to do it and you have to do it yourself, hence why I cannot add inclines to my intervals. Last year, I ran so much that my incline was a lot steeper. I had the stamina to do it. This year, I just don't yet. I have only be running for two months!

I had to take a second and encourage myself. I didn't SUCK at running, I was just pushing myself too hard too fast. I had forgotten that I started out small last year and worked my way up.

If you're getting discouraged, just TAKE A MOMENT and realize HOW FAR YOU HAVE COME. Even if, like me, you aren't seeing physical changes, realize that the fact that YOU ARE RUNNING PERIOD (or whatever you're doing) is more than you were doing X amount of days/months/weeks ago. Three months ago I was sitting around and not running AT ALL, so even the 30 minutes a day I do, even if it isn't where I was last year, is better than nothing.

Don't let your mind tell you you cannot do it because you CAN! (:

What do YOU use for inspiration to get moving? Let me know! Goodness knows I need it sometimes!

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Workout Review Wednesday: Interval Training

Hello all! I am have been in such a good mood the past couple of weeks! While I let some stuff get in the way of my blogging (didn't plan on that), it was all fitness and job related, so at least it all had to do with making my life better! I hope you're as happy about that as I am!

For today's Workout Review Wednesday I thought I would just share my insights on Interval Training because it is WAY different than what I was doing last year when I really let myself get into running.

I started running two years ago after biking really didn't do much for me. I initially chose biking because it was low impact and I could go far without exerting way too much, but I always felt like it was doing me no good. I loved stationary bikes because I could read while I worked out and that would help me pass an hour or two very quickly while taking time to up intensity with resistance and speed challenges.

Well, biking in the real world felt lame to me. I am not knocking people who do it. I just know I wasn't doing it on the right terrain or speed for myself to make it worth the while (at least that is what I think my problem was). I decided to try running instead. I bought real running shoes and tried to really build up how much I could run.

Two years ago, I could probably only run about a tenth of a mile before my "body" would give up. Now I know it was all in my head. Last year, when I started running again, I made it my goal to always run a mile. Then after I accomplished that, it was always two miles. I got up to three miles at a time last year before I got sick.

I would walk a mile to a certain point in the neighborhood, run to a certain point that I had mapped out to be about 3 miles, then walk the mile back. 5 miles of moving a day always seemed like a lot and I enjoyed it.

This year, when my Fit Buddy Amber asked me to run a 5K with her, I knew I wanted to do it. I used to run 3 miles all the time. Easy!

With this training, though, we have been doing intervals every week. I had always wanted to try intervals but never had the patience. I always thought running farther was the key. Even reading articles about how intervals are better for weight loss (and I just wanted to lose a few pounds), I still didn't try them.

Now I do intervals 5 days a week. I only distance run one day a week if I can get outside. Distance is always better outside, am I right? (:

I REALLY like intervals, though, and I didn't think I was going to. I always feel like they work me harder because I am not a sprinter, so higher intensity runs push me more, and I like that challenge. Intervals are great for runners of all ability levels because YOU can decide how long you want to do the intervals for. Just starting out? Do lower intensity runs/walks for only 30 seconds to a minute. Experienced runner? Trying running top speed for a minute, then recover at a slow jog. Eventually you can even work inclines into the workout if you're on a treadmill. Plus, intervals help treadmill running go by even faster.

For me, intervals are what I have really been missing to make myself a better runner all around. I highly recommend you start doing them, even if your first interval session is only 10 minutes long, I believe it is beneficial to you. I KNOW a lot of running magazines and trainers have their own interval routines you can try.

Again, make sure you consult a doctor before you start ANY TYPE of exercise/diet program to be sure it is for you! I cannot make that decision for you. Only YOU can decide you want to start, and, if you really do, you need the proper guidance only a physician can provide. Good luck!