Monday, April 21, 2014

Back from New York/Easter Damage Control

If you read my mobile post, you know I am not happy about the fact that I may have over-eaten a little with my boyfriend...

Now, I never want food to control me. It isn't allllll about what we eat, but eating unhealthy foods CAN be a detriment to what we work SO HARD for when it comes to fitness.

Now, for me, this was extra bad because not ONLY was I on a mini-vacation, but this all happened right before Easter, a holiday that isn't usually associated with eating, but my family over-eats at nonetheless. I am on dietary restrictions, so I had to bring my own food, but I still allowed myself to cheat a bit. I had some potato salad. My main issue was the BREAD I ate.

So not only was I feeling the weight of my binge at my boyfriend's house, but now I feel like I don't know how to control myself at holidays all of a sudden.

ANYWAY, this put a SEVERE damper on my Model by May plan, mostly because I feel like I have backtracked the most with healthy eating. I love to run, and I don't mind going out and running everyday (with a rest day every seven days, of course!). I love Pilates, so I don't mind doing that everyday. My issue is eating healthy. I constantly crave foods I don't EVEN LIKE, such as potato chips and french fries. I DON'T EVEN THINK THEY TASTE THAT GOOD! I just like how easy chips are to snack on.

So, I decided to do some serious damage control. While I am NEVER for depriving yourself, I am going to work EACH WEEK on giving up something I like. So this week, I am not allowed any more potato chips. Next week, I am going to give up ice cream, and so on. I am not going to KEEP depriving myself. I just want to go a week as an experiment to see how I feel at the end of a week without something. I am hoping by the end of each week I will figure out that, if I keep busy and keep my mind on my goal, giving up unhealthy foods and replacing them with healthy snack alternatives again will fix my cravings (that I have not even had in YEARS GUYS! I don't think you understand!)

So, how do YOU make sure you eat healthy? I really like the idea of not even BUYING the foods in the first place, but the big issue is I live at home and my dad LOVES those foods....What else can I do?

Thanks, angels, for whatever help you have (: You guys are the best!

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