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I used to be VERY into reading back before high school. Then, my senior year, life really got in the way with college applications and transitioning into what I thought at the time was "the real world". One of my "resolutions" (you can read all 12 on the Resolutions page in the top navigation) was to balance out my days more. I want to try to read, write, AND work out every day with whatever little time I have to work with.

Because of this, I am starting my own "Book Club" to help clear my bookshelves. They are a little overcrowded with novels at the moment. By starting my own online book club I can reach out to more people AND work on finishing some of these books I have had for a long time!

If you want to see what books I have already read, visit my Shelfari page. It is an AWESOME site that you can link to your Amazon account to keep track of the books you've read, want to read, and own.

Every month (until I get back into the groove of reading. Then I hope it will be every week or two weeks) I will post the book I am reading on this page, along with favorite quotes and thoughts as I go along! Feel free to join me and comment below on what I have to say and what you think!

Also, if you have any suggestions for me because you think I might like the book or you really want a reading buddy, please email me or comment below! I love suggestions! (:

This week I am reading:

Nothing Yet! Check back soon!

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