More About The Anchor Angel

Who is She?  

She is the Anchor Angel. Her name is Stephanie Ann. She loves watching movies, reading, writing, dancing, and running outside in the sunshine. She loves bright colors in the summer because when she wears them she looks tan.

Why Anchor?

She has been obsessed with anchors since she first went shopping while she was away at college. She walked into Old Navy and walked out with a red and white striped shirt with an anchor sewed on it and she never looked back. Her anchor clothing/accessory collection is extensive, including the ULTIMATE permanent accessory: an anchor tat.   

Why Angel?

 Seriously, this blog is just about being healthy. But, if The Anchor Angel could choose, she would be a Victoria's Secret Angel because they have THE best swim suits and sports bras around.

Why a Blog?

In all seriousness, I want to be fit and healthy like I felt I was last summer. I miss running three miles every day and WANTING to do it. I want that motivation back. This will hold me accountable, and I need that. 

Also, I want to help other people who have health afflictions like me. I was recently diagnosed with Wilson's Disease, a liver disease where I hold on to copper in my liver, which can be toxic if left untreated. As a result, I have come back from being really sick and I have had a lot of adjustments to make, so I want to help anyone else who has this kind of health and wellness adjustment to make.

I want to provide help to anyone who may have to be on a special diet so they still FEEL healthy and happy. I have to eat low copper and low sodium, which means NO chocolate, shellfish, nuts, or mushrooms, just to name a few, and if I can do it, I know anyone can with the right support (:

My bestie and helper:

One of the coolest people I have ever met is one of my besties Alex. She, too, has had her own fitness journey, and I have asked her to be my frequent guest poster. She will post on here from time to time as my yoga guru, motivation helper, and inspirational speaker. She is seriously someone who has helped me stay SO motivated, and I need her on this blogging journey, too. Look out for plenty of posts from her in the future! (:  

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