My "Resolutions"

I don't really believe in New Years Resolutions, simply because I feel like I fall away from them too fast. Not only that, but after the year is up, are you really going to continue to do it? If you've made it the whole year sticking to your resolution, probably, but not many people can do that.

Instead, I am choosing to share with you my "lifestyle changes". These are 12 changes, one for every month of the year, that I want to try to make in 2014 and keep for the rest of my life.

1. Wash my face EVERYDAY. I was one of those girls who just used toner and makeup remover everyday and then washed my face only in the shower, so if, like sometimes happens in college, I miss a shower, then my face wouldn't really be getting washed with cleanser. When I was in high school, I was AWESOME at washing my face everyday, but it never seemed to feel clean, even though I was using makeup counter products. Now, I used Clean and Clear, and I want to try to clean my face EVERYDAY, morning and night, starting in January.

UPDATE: I stuck with this one REALLY well during January. There were only three days that I can remember NOT washing my face. Even though I made excuses those days, I still feel like I took major steps to fixing this bad habit.

2. Workout/Run every day (with a rest day). Summer 2013 I ran every weekday when I came home from work. I would also run every other Saturday morning. I really want to get back into this habit again so I can get ready for a future Disney Princess Half Marathon. ULTIMATE race dream. I am going to really try to get this started in February so that by summer I feel good about myself (:

UPDATE: This is part of the reason I started the blog. I figured if I had you guys to motivate me I'd be able to do it. You saw my calendar so far. For having been on run/workout hiatus since October, I think I am doing a pretty good job. Now, in March I am REALLY going to step it up! (:

3. STOP chewing my nails FOR GOOD. I have stopped I don't know how many times. I will go months and months without chewing them and BAM! no nails at all because I got bored, hungry, or stressed. I think that is why I have a snacking problem. I don't know how to channel that "hunger" and figure out what it really is. Starting in March, I really want to FOCUS on being aware of my chewing habits so I can stop ONCE AND FOR ALL. I understand this is going to be my HARDEST undertaking, but it is about darn time!

4. Go to bed earlier and actually get the recommended amount of sleep. I have been told that getting 7-9 hours of sleep is not only best for you, but it can help you get fitter. Even if this isn't some kind of miracle fix, I know that going to bed earlier and getting up earlier would help motivate me to get up and go sooner, making it easier for me to work out during the day, whether it be in the morning or at night. I am really bad with staying up late and not even being productive, so if I DO mess up and stay up late, I need to start using that time to my advantage.

5. Journal/Blog EVERY DAY. Again, I do better when I hold myself accountable. I have been slacking on the journaling because I have been working on the blog, but I want to get back into journaling because it really helped me through some of my hardest times. Again, I really started this back in January when I decided I wanted to start blogging and began developing Anchor Angel.

6. Think Positively. I am a very positive person. That is why I started my "inspiration" journal two years ago. I had a rough few months in college and I was tired of thinking negatively. I vowed to find the good in every day. I really want to try to do this again, hence why I want to start journaling again. This is something I need to do NOW. I want to change my mindset so my mind can be as happy and healthy as I hope my body is going to continue to be.

7. Save Money. I think every girl, for the most part, has a problem with spending. We find what we like, whatever it is, and we keep wanting more and more and more. I spend too much of my money for instant gratification. I need to learn to save. I am hoping going back to only buying/rewarding myself if I complete my weekly goals may help with this.

8. Keep my low sodium diet. Even when my doctor says I can go back to the way I was eating before (he said I wouldn't be on this diet forever), I don't think I ever want to go back. I like trying to be creative and figure out how to cook low sodium. When he takes me off the diet I may give myself a little more leeway with sauces (like letting myself have buffalo sauce again because it has been hard to live without), but I never want to go back to NOT caring about my sodium intake. This diet has made me so much more aware, and I like the benefits on my mind and body.

9. Write my novel. I have loved to write ever since I learned out. Even before that I loved making up stories, especially characters. If I could choose ANY career, I'd want to be a Disney Princess....but next best would be an author. I want to finish editing and proofreading the novel I finished in college and try to get published. Again, I need to motivate. No time like the present.

10. Dress EVERY DAY. I know. This one sounds weird. "You mean she doesn't wear clothes everyday?" NO, I totally do, but that is not what I meant. I want to dress for ME everyday. I have a LOT of clothes that I really like. I want to try my best to look my nicest everyday because when I feel I look nice, then I feel confident, even if I didn't have the best run or my legs look a little large, or I accidentally had a few too many cookies the night before. I actually made this promise to myself about a year ago, and I feel like it is something I ALWAYS want to continue.

UPDATE: I actually do this. Of course, I allow myself sweats days and days where I don't put on makeup, but they are chosen carefully. If I CAN get ready and look nice I WILL.

11. Be neater/more organized. I make messes. I know where everything is, but my past roommates can tell you, if I don't have room for it, I don't reorganize, I just throw it in a pile (at least I will FOLD my clothes, though. And they are clean, not dirty) and deal with it later. I really want to try to downsize what I can, organize what I can't, and keep it all clean and tidy.

12. Balance my days. I don't want every day to be just me sitting around or focusing on only one thing. I want to balance my days so EVERYDAY I get a blog post in and then I go for a run and maybe see a friend and read and watch a movie. I get it. THERE ARE ONLY 24 HOURS IN A DAY. And I should be sleeping for about 8 of those hours. I don't want to spread myself thin, I just want to feel like I packed my day with things I love. I don't want any day to feel wasted. We are only here for a short amount of time, and you NEVER know when you're going to go. I want to make sure I enjoy everyday so, in case it seemed to be my last, I will have felt it was worth it.

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